Freedom vs. Control

It is for freedom you have been set free. Galatians 5:1

It’s that thing that you struggle with…
It may be known only to you, it may be something you’ve shared with your friends. An area where you want freedom.
You’ve prayed and you’ve asked and you wait for the answer, but the freedom you want does not come.
You’ve heard it said that “all things are possible with God”, but privately think “it’s something I will always have to deal with”.
Do we serve a God so small that He can do all things but this?
I  understand.
Because for me and for all of us in some way, this is where we are.
But the question we have to ask ourselves is this;
Do we want freedom or control?
Control involves not doing or saying or thinking about that thing in your life. Living up to your own expectations, and the expectations of others, obsessing over every failure and sin.
But freedom not only releases you from your sin, it  makes you free to do the one thing you were made to do.
Worship Him.
One depends on us, the other depends on God.
So the question you have to ask yourself is what do you really want?
Freedom or control?
Which will you choose.

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