The Loudest Voices


Tuesday Morning Thoughts…..

The Loudest Voices

As the protests rage concerning everything Trump, it might  be good to take a deep breath and think for a minute…..

The accused man stood in front of a crowd that had already decided he was guilty.

As the shouts to condemn him rose in volume, the person who would ultimately decide his fate, but wanted no part of it at all, responded, “I find him guilty of no wrongdoing”.

It made little difference to the crowd that the man in fact was not guilty, at the prompting of others in power they had made their decision. And in deference to the crowd and political aspirations the innocent man was led away and executed.

Things to consider:

I am reminded of this story when I see people and events tried and convicted on social media.

And few have a good ending or outcome like Jesus story did.

Too many times we make big emotional judgements and comments with too little information.

We would do well to:

Take time to be rational, insightful and be willing to give the benefit of doubt.

Consider the source. What is the agenda?

Take time to accumulate and process facts.

The loudest voices aren’t always the right voices or accurate.

One protestor was yelling over and over “No countries, no borders”. Really? But he made his voice heard on Fox News.

Do unto others..if you do not know the rest of this sentence, I’m glad you’re reading this.


And pause before you hit “send”

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