What If?


The picture of that little boy lying on the beach will haunt me for as long as I live…..

His family was trying to escape in an overcrowded boat that capsized and the little boy drowned…

In the months that followed the world’s  attention was drawn to the growing problem of refugees like the family of this little boy.
People like you and I trying to escape the carnage and destruction, victims of a war they did not start.
Our attention was also drawn to the threat of terrorists who possibly were among them.
This is an issue many feel passionately about.
Some passionately demand that as a matter of national security no one from these countries should be allowed into our country.
Some just as passionately demand that anyone who can get here should be allowed in.
Does one view take precedent over the other?
I have heard the arguments from both sides.
As a Christian I take exception to those who normally mock Christian values, attempting to use them as a validation for unlimited immigration, but Ido not think as Christians we can dismiss the plight of those who have no agenda other than to live in safety for the sake of national security.
What is the answer?

Where exactly should our concern take us on this matter?

What is our responsibility?

And how do we fulfill that responsibility in our time?

When there is a very real fear that the helping hand we offer might be used against us?
It would be foolish and naive to not take into consideration that harm could come but, we cannot overlook Jesus stating that when we offer shelter, food, water and clothing to those in need we have done that for Him.

I do not claim to have the answers, but I do have a list of “what if’s” Some things to think about and pray about (I hope you will).
What if we started our quest to answer the questions with
“What is God’s purposes in this?”
And then take a moment to consider His answer.

What if  it were Gods plan to send refugees here?

What if God intended that each family be adopted, reached out to by a Christian family?

What if our focus was not just to”convert them” but to show them the genuine love and care Jesus talks about in Matthew 25 that leads to salvation?
(Too many times we allow the government to do the job of the church while we are busy with other more important things and then complain about the results.)

What if each one of these families were seeds planted by God to accomplish His purposes here and far beyond our borders ?

What if the fruit of each seed spread to nations you and I could never reach, changing the course of history and eternal destination for 1.6 billion people living in darkness?

What if God really meant what He said, that He gave His only Son that whoever believed in Him would not perish, and part of His plan to make that happen was to bring people from places where they are almost unreachable, to where they can be reached?

Almost 20% of the worlds population is mission field waiting to be reached.
What if it began here?

We must be willing to look outside our “wisdom” and consider possibilities that take us outside our comfort zone.


2 thoughts on “What If?

  1. As I stated I don’t have all the answers. Common sense would demand that the weakest and most vulnerable would be considered first. I am also aware it probably does not work that way. Which leaves the possibility that those who are in that position would be excluded in a ban that would prevent those wishing to do harm.
    I have read and seen the articles as you have that show young men able to care for themselves pouring in among families.
    Maybe opportunism on their part or other agendas. My personal feeling is they should get the lowest priority, if at all, (why aren’t they staying to help their country) and certainly not ahead of those who are in real need.
    Unfortunately most of the decisions concerning who gets to come and who doesn’t, is handled by people who are in it primarily for the money.
    The ultimate solution is for the nations who are involved to end this warfare allowing them to safely live in their own land. Hope that answers your question it is not an easy situation by any means


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