Log Jam


Luke 6:42

How can you say to your brother, “Oh, brother, let me help you take that little speck out of your eye,” when you don’t even see the big log in your own eye? What a hypocrite! First, take the log out of your own eye. Then you’ll be able to see clearly enough.
Luke 6:42

We find it easier to become offended by the speck in others eyes. Notice, Jesus is not saying the solution is to ignore the sins of others. We should name sins, just as Jesus did. However, we must recognize that only after naming the truth of our own sin can we come in truth to name the sins of others with grace and mercy.
From- “The Way of the Dragon or the Way of the Lamb”

Your boss tells you your work performance is not up to par,
Your spouse expresses his/her displeasure with you,
A friend approaches you with concern about something that doesn’t seem quite right.
And our automatic response many times is “they” are the problem

Your boss just doesn’t appreciate how hard you work

Your spouse is _______(fill in the blank)

Who is he/she to judge?

When we assign the blame to others and give ourselves a pass, we do not take the opportunity to consider that maybe the problem really  is “in here”.
Jesus gives us His perspective. He is clear, before we tackle
“out there” we must first deal with what is”in here”
He opens up the discussion with a parable;
“What happens if a blind man leads a blind man? Won’t both of them fall into a pit?” Luke 6:39
And then in verse 42 Jesus gets to the heart of the matter.
“First, take the log out of your own eye. Then you’ll be able to see clearly enough.” Luke 6:42

If we are to impact the world for good identifying our own “logs” is not an option.
If we are unwilling to admit our failings  receiving mercy and grace for our “logs”  we will be unable to show mercy and grace to the “splinters” in others.
At best we become self-righteous, obeying all the rules, at worst we become  judgmental, uncaring, misrepresenting God to those He desires to reach.
Whether it be our spiritual family or those we come in contact with day to day.
Later on Jesus connects being able to see clearly to kingdom living
“Good trees that bear good fruit”
“Houses built to withstand the storms that come”
But most important when we see our own sinfulness we begin to really see.
And what  we see is not the opportunity to condemn, but like our Master the opportunity to offer the mercy, grace and love we have received.

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