Grace Has the Last Word


Whenever Jesus is involved grace has the last word

Lacey was a beautiful young woman who was abused from the time she was a child. In the years that followed, drug abuse, giving herself away in relationships that never provided the love she needed, left Lacey empty, alone and suicidal.

Bobby was abandoned when he was a baby. The only family outside of his brother that he ever knew was foster homes. Because he was a troubled child his stay was usually short. As a young teenager and adult he never felt accepted and trouble found him often.

Michael found a family and acceptance in the streets of New Orleans. His self assured confidence, hiding the insecurity he really felt, eventually found him not just following one of the most notorious gangs, but leading it.

Jamie was an excellent student and talented in many ways. Her future was full of possibilities. Until drugs intervened. Unable to control the downward spiral that followed,  she left school and home and eventually her future behind.

Michael had everything going for him. A good job with great potential for promotion, a beautiful wife, two young children.
Long hours and travel took him away from home and in the loneliness pornography became his companion. Which led to an affair that destroyed his family and eventually his life.

The stories above are true, names were changed, but I knew each of them personally.
They are only a few of many I have witnessed over the years including my own. Some had happy endings, some did not. I wrote this recently

“Whenever Jesus is involved, grace has the last word. People can change, there is hope.”
And I believe that is true.

In the stories where they found grace, people and situations did change for the better. Even when it looked hopeless. 
Jesus did not come to heal the healthy, the well adjusted, the ones who have it all together, the ones whose lives may never look like those in the stories I shared.
He came to heal the broken.
And in some way even if your story is not like their’s we are all broken.
And if we allow it to Grace truly does have the last word and because of Him there is hope for all of us.

4 thoughts on “Grace Has the Last Word

  1. it takes humility to accept grace. it takes repentance to move away from the bad and towards the good. God is big enough to help enable both if we let Him. i took my first husband back after his wanderings, but he didn’t want to accept responsibility, he didn’t want to repent, rather he kept blaming me for his choices and eventually left and ended the marriage 😦 . God has and is redeeming some of that in my daughters’ lives and mine, but there are some scars that will always be very painful.

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      1. your prayers humble me. thank you. i think i struggle most in these days with hope and purpose. idk if it’s a mid-life thing or just a where-i-am thing, but it’s frustrating as neither have been a real struggle for me before.

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      2. I don’t know if you have read it but there is a book written by Priscilla Shiver “Fervent”. If you haven’t read it I would be happy to provide a copy for you.
        Remember in Ephesians 2:10 God is clear that He has a purpose for you, discovering and pursuing that is directly tied to our hope. That is why the enemy fights so hard to take our self worth and as a result our purpose away.

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