Right Now

I want to be used by God.


A warrior, someone who encourages, light and salt.

Because of all that was done for me, I want to be all God has called me to be.

I’m pretty sure my resume would not qualify me for the position, but that’s o.k. God delights in qualifying the unqualified. But where do I begin? There are many ways God can use me but what does He want me to do right now?

As my wife was leaving for work this morning she hugged our grandson and said “you are going to be  great blessing to others, in fact you already are a blessing. You give great hugs and kisses, you pray for others, you share and you are kind, and just being who you are brings great joy to us. My wife who is  great blessing in her own right, provided the answer to the question “what does He want me to do right now.

Whoever we might become, whatever we might do, who and what we are right now is most important. So what am I called to do right now?

Right now offering an encouraging word to a family member, a friend, a co-worker, neighbor. A small act of kindness only noticed by God, but a big encouragement to someone going through a difficult time.

Right now taking time to pray about the need I see. And asking how I can help?

Right now just being there, by my presence providing support in times of mourning and grief.

Right now a willingness to give my time, my energy, my money without hesitation when the opportunity presents itself.

Right now showing love and kindness to everyone. Everyone! Even the ones who may not be kind or loving to me.

Right now is a good time to begin.




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