Super Heros

I love this picture. Maybe it’s because it reminds me of another superhero I know.

My grandson, a superhero in training, recently had a collision with reality.
While jumping off of his rocking chair attempting a flip ninja turtle style, reality in the form of a coffee table got in the way.
There was a moment of panic, accompanied by blood and tears.
After we confirmed there were no serious injuries, I told my little guy,
” It doesn’t work the same for you as it does with Ninja Turtles”.
I dont think he believed me.
His unasked question “they can do it why can’t I?”
Why not indeed.. 

My first reaction to prevent future collisions was “we should have been more aware” – a three year old can get into trouble amazingly fast- and then implementing preventive measures. “No more jumping around, or flips, or anything that could hurt you,” which would effectively eliminate in his view, anything fun.

As adults we know  jumping off of rocking chairs, roofs, or any number of other  risky actions will most likely have a bad ending. But some of us, like  my grandson, regardless of the consequences want to be  superheroes .
Maybe its the cool outfits, the superpowers, the ability to save the day, making difficult things look easy.
Maybe it is because deep down inside we have  the desire to do something extraordinary – to make a difference.
And, as my grandson would probably tell you, playing it safe does not come with that territory.
Sometimes the bumps, bruises, and unexpected collisions are  necessary and unavoidable part of the training.

Superheroes in the real world have some things in common  with my grandson: they are willing to do the things that many would view as unsafe, willing to go where others would not go, willing to take a chance and see what happens.
And superheroes do not let past failures affect their enthusiasm for future adventures.
Did I mention that not long after his collision, my grandson was jumping off the steps of our porch, turning flips, and running full speed ahead like nothing ever happened.
Going forward we will be more aware, discourage things that will certainly end in disaster, but I won’t quench his spirit, or desire for adventure.
We need more superheroes in this world. Maybe that’s his calling.
It might be yours.

One thought on “Super Heros

  1. ahhh … three! so far it was my least favorite age b/c no one warned me!!! but, ahhh, the fearlessness and short-memory of children … may we all learn from them 🙂


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