What Makes Life Good?

All of us have different ideas about what makes life good.

But there are things in life that leave us hungry and thirsty
Things we do not understand, things that are not good.
This story from today’s Your Time of Grace devotional describes one of those times.

Rebecca was a seventeen-year-old honor student loved by her teacher adored by her friends.
One day as she was walking with a friend to go see fireworks, a car speeding towards them hit Rebecca and killed her.
It’s the kinda thing that makes us ask why?
Why would God allow that to happen to her?
It’s the kinda thing that makes people wonder about what Jesus says.
In John 6:35 Jesus says this;
Jesus: I am the bread that gives life. If you come to My table and eat, you will never go hungry. Believe in Me, and you will never go thirsty.
– John 6:35

There are so many situations in life that make us feel hungry, make us feel thirsty. Things that make us feel we are never going to come anywhere close to this good life Jesus describes.
But it is really important to think about what your definition of a good life is.
That was the case even for Rebecca.
When Rebecca was a freshman in high school she was given a writing assignment to create a bucket list of things she wanted to do before she died.
Her list had three things.
Go to Spain
Kiss in the rain
Save someone’s life.
That summer her parents took her to Spain.
Later on that summer she kissed her boyfriend in the rain.
And on that day as she and her friend Benjamin were crossing the street to see the fireworks, she saw the car speeding towards him and pushed Benjamin out of the way saving his life.
She had three things on her bucket list and she was able to do all three.
By her own definition she lived a very good life.
Just like Jesus believed He did when He was hanging on a cross, with nothing in His hands but a little bit of iron.
He was hungry and thirsty in ways you and I can not imagine.
As punishment for sins that did not belong to Him came speeding towards Him, He decided to just hang in there and let it hit Him, because Jesus had a bucket list to.
It was to not stop living  until He offered the best life this world has ever seen as a sacrifice to save the one thing in this world that meant more to Him than anything.
He chose to save you so that you could walk through this life knowing that whatever this hard world takes away you still have the right to expect the very best that God could ever give.*

What makes life good?
For me it is knowing He wants in every situation, what is good for my life.
Any no matter what may come I can trust Him to provide that for me.

*Thanks to Pastor Jeremy and
Your Time of Grace for this post.

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