The Last Seven Days-Monday



It was after this that Judas Iscariot, one of the twelve, went to meet the chief priests with the intention of betraying Jesus… Mark 14:10

Some believe that this act of love shown by the unidentified woman pouring costly perfume on Jesus head was the last straw for Judas. But we cannot know why he picked this moment to go to the chief priests to set in motion the plan to betray Jesus.

What we do know is that satan soundly defeated in the wilderness failed to stop Jesus, but he never stopped trying. He appealed to Jesus humanity then and so he does with us now. The enemy when he comes tempts us, plays on our human, natural passions with the intent to excite them into use in the wrong way. Judas in the passion of the moment does the unthinkable. It is only later that he realizes his mistake.

What we can learn from this is that each of us has some type of avarice, an extreme greed for the things of this world. It is part of our fallen nature and left unchecked can produce the type of extreme passion that led to Judas betraying Jesus.

Our enemy knows our passions well. We have to respond as Jesus did “It is written”, to escape his schemes.



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