The Last Seven Days-Wednesday

When we think about the word passion many things come to mind.

Most of these would involve things we love to do. In the movie “Passion of the Christ” by Mel Gibson and in the gospel account of the last hours of Jesus life here on earth we see a different meaning of the word passion. The word passion originally came from a Latin root meaning “to suffer”.

And as the final hours of Jesus life plays out from the betrayal in the garden to the hours on the cross we see both.

Passion driven by love, endured because of it

It is what He was meant to do.

In his blog post “Why there Was No Crowd at the Foot of the Cross” Kelly Flanagan writes this “In the span of a week, He’s gone from having an obvious stamp of divine approval to being banged up and beaten, a sign to the crowds of divine rejection”.

At the end the crowds who only a few days before were shouting “Hosanna to the King” are gone. Only three remain…. His mother, Mary Magdalene, and John.

My reason for writing this morning is twofold.

One to remember and give honor to the extraordinary story of the cross, the suffering, the passion that Jesus endured in our place. And also to encourage you in whatever passion you may find yourself in this season of your life. If you are in that time where you realize you’ve truly found your purpose in life, and your passions are being tested, you have a choice.

It doesn’t matter if the crowds are following or if there is only three, maybe one,

You can go back, or you can call back “I’m all in. This is what I am here to do, and I’ll do it until I can’t do it anymore”. Jesus set an example for all of us to follow.

Kelly finishes his story with this; I hope you’ll pick up your cross-passion and carry it. Not necessarily because it will lead to resurrection, but because the sacrifice alone is worth it. After all, sacrifice isn’t the way to Heaven; sacrifice is the way of Heaven. It’s where your commitment to the thing you’re here to do will be tested and refined, where your circles of belonging will be proven steadfast, and where you’ll learn all over again: you are worthy

It’s what you were meant to do!


Check out “Why there Was No Crowd at the Foot of the Cross” by Kelly Flanagan at