The Last Seven Days-Thursday


In the preceding hours the worst the disciples could imagine has happened.
Jesus has been taken away arrested, beaten, hung on a cross.
The disciples have scattered fearing for their lives.
Peter has drawn close enough to be recognized and fulfill Jesus prediction that he would deny him three times.
And only John is present to witness His last breath.
The religious leaders fearing that even in death Jesus would upset their kingdom post guards to prevent His body from being stolen.
And then there is silence……
There are times in our lives where we feel that all is lost. And we can identify with the fear, the sorrow, loss and uncertainty the disciples must have felt that morning.
The voice that speaks in the silence is deafening.
“Where is your God now?”
And in agreement we ask
“Where are you God?”
But God has nothing to prove to us.
When He promises that is enough.
And even when we forget it does not diminish the power of His promises.
Even when He is silent.
It’s Thursday now but Saturday is coming…..