The Change- Daily Bread


Give us this day our daily bread..Matt. 6:11

Let the morning bring me word of Your unfailing love. I have put my trust in You. Psalm 148:3

I am not independent or self-sufficent, but dependent on the goodness of God for everything.

This change in the way I view my very exsistence is life-changing. In a culture that worships self  admiting  we are not in control is hard to accept. Relinquishing the delusion of self sufficency is even more difficult.

From the time you got out of bed this morning to the end of your day everything that was neccessary for life and living was provided by God. Paul David Tripp says “even the most ardent atheist is dependent on God for his or hers life and breath.”

It is not difficult to acknowledge this dependency on God when things are bad. It is more so when things are going well. Praying as Jesus taught His disciples for our daily bread reminds us I am dependent on God for everything. Only He has the power to control all conditions, circumstances, events that need to be controlled for me to live my life.


Thanks to Paul David Tripp for the inspiration provided through “New Morning Mercies” a Daily Gospel Devotional