The Change-A Grace


There are times when we do things and there is a grace on it.

I have heard my pastor make this statement many times.
What does this mean?
It means there are times in our lives where there is a supernatural favor, a sense of God’s presence and blessings outside our normal experience with Him.

We all have experienced those times.
A time when we stepped out with no more than hope and a prayer that God would come through.
A time when it seemed impossible.
A time when every circumstance said no.
And because there was a grace on those situations, placed there by God,
He did
It became possible
Despite the circumstances the answer was yes.
But grace involves more than forgiveness we receive when we don’t deserve it.
Ephesians 2 tells us that once we were dead in sins and transgressions, by nature objects of wrath. But also we are saved by grace for a purpose designed before we ever knew Him.
God intends there would be a  grace on every part of our life.
In our work, our homes, our relationships, our jobs, our ministry.
The Change is a grace on our lives.