A New Family


– From the distant past, His eternal love reached into the future.

You see, He knew those who would be His one day, and He chose them beforehand to be conformed to the image of His Son so that Jesus would be the firstborn of a new family of believers, all brothers and sisters.
As for those He chose beforehand, He called them to a different destiny so that they would experience what it means to be made right with God and share in His glory.
– Romans 8:29-30

Romans 8 is one of my favorite chapters in the Bible, full of encouragement and promises for the future.
But as I read these verses this morning I gained a new understanding of God’s intention. The intention to put right what the first Adam made wrong. Now and in the future.
The Son, firstborn of  a new family and then all who would follow, you and I, chosen beforehand to a different destiny than we now see in our world.
Now we groan with all of creation for the time when we will be revealed. sons and daughters of God liberated from the slavery of corruption, experiencing  glorious freedom, children of God. Even now that work has begun.
We were saved for this hope, this future.
The best is yet to come.