Why We Need Church


My very first blog post “I Don’t Need Church” written over three years ago dealt with why some leave church and their reasons.
At that time some in my group of friends were leaving the church we all had attended and my writing was an indirect way to deal with those issues.

I also have experiencedĀ  issues with the “western” corporate church from time to time. And there have been times when the Holy Spirit has had to remind me that the church is what Jesus loves and gave Himself for. (Ephesians 5:25).
All of our issues aside there are critical reasons why we need church.
Paul David TrippĀ  writes in his daily devotional* the following:
“Corporate worship is designed to alert you to the war for control of your heart and to the help that is found only in Jesus.”
One of the many reasons for being part of a local, physical church body is exactly that.
There is a war going on for the control of our heart and left to ourselves we are not nearly as strong as we are together.
In the animal kingdom the Lion never goes after the herd, he goes after the stragglers.
The help we need, provided by the herd, our brothers and sisters is critical to our survival and growth.

Over the next few days I would to share some of the observations Mr. Tripp makes on “Why We Need Church.”



Image: James River Church

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