In a scene that is becoming all to familiar we see the images of the terrorist attack on Monday May 22nd in Manchester England.
Familiarity with these vicious, heartbreaking attacks is one of the greatest dangers. As one person put it
“we must not let this become the new normal”.
In my opinion this is part of the problem.  it has already become normal.

 We are misinformed to begin with as to the nature and reason for these attacks, which has led to a desensitized view, ie; the use of the word terror so as not to offend and in failing to identify the enemy, we have little defense against him. Our new normal places the need to not offend over safety and security.
The outrage, the bold statements by governments, “we will not be defeated, we are strong, we will hunt down and bring to justic”, ring hollow.
None of these pronouncements as passionate and angry as they might be have stopped the attacks.
As one observer has noted regarding prevention “we have to get it right everytime, they only have to get it right once”. And once has been more than enough too many times.
Today families are grieving, loved ones including an eight year old will never return home.
Some have injuries from shrapnel that will leave them scared and maimed for life.
Today I grieve with them and for all the others who have suffered and died in similar attacks
It is difficult not to have hate for those who conceive brutality on this level.
The enemy we face first spiritual in nature must be given no quarter, no compromise.
We have given far too much on both counts
Normally I end my posts with a positive thought, something to encourage.
I’m sorry I just don’t have that today.
Except I know God’s heart breaks also.
And because He loves and cares there is hope.

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