Gregg Allman 1947-2017


And the road goes on forever….

Growing up in the south in the 60’s and 70’s was to live through a time of change that would forever alter the course of the South and our nation.

Every night the evening news reported a steady stream of death taking place in a nation few knew existed until war came there. Political upheaval, protest, and violence had replaced the hopeful summer of love in the late sixties. And in the south the land of cotton the old times there were not yet completely forgotten.

It was in this time that a group of southern boys, longhaired and racially diverse (featuring a black drummer in an otherwise white band) made their entrance into the world of music. The music had its roots in the black man’s blues, Robert Johnson, Elmore James, Muddy Waters, T-bone Walker, mixed with jazz and rock and roll. It was led by Duane Allman who would later be designated one of the greatest guitar players ever, and a man named Gregg Allman whose passion and soulful voice made you feel he had been there just like you.

The voice and the music touched my heart in a way only few have. For this southern boy it helped me forget about all the troubles in the world and that draft notice that might come at any time. On Saturday that voice was stilled in this life….

Greggs life had more than its share of trouble, drugs, alcohol, failed relationships. In the book he wrote about his life in 2012 he spoke about the sobriety he eventually embraced and about the spiritual transformation that also took place. In times of sadness and loss like these that is the best we can hope for. That a life can end well regardless of what may have come before. I have no doubt God loves music and that voice though gone from this earth is now in the presence of God, singing His praise forever. Thank you Gregg for the music and memories.

The road you are on now really does go on forever.

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