Not Just Another Name On the Wall


The treatment of those returning from the Vietnam War will forever be a scar on the conscience of our nation.

It is not a matter of the politics of the war. There are many different views about that, no it is about the thousands of men many who had no choice about serving who died in a war they did not choose. It is about showing respect and honor for the 58,128 who never returned home. This Memorial Day I would like to do exactly that.

Remember and honor one of those men. The name below was taken at random from the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington DC.

If you would like to be part of  this you can go to the link listed below and select a name, or if you had a family member or friend who died in the war you can list their name. God bless all our men and women who have served in the past and continue to serve.



PFC – E2 – Marine Corps – Regular

Length of service 1 year

Born August 22nd 1948

His tour began on Sep 8, 1967

Died on May 29, 1968


4 thoughts on “Not Just Another Name On the Wall

  1. Been to that wall-more like a giant gravestone.
    Sat at a Marine Corps desk for two years, action seen mainly at a typewriter.
    Thank you Cliff for showing a little of your compassionate heart.
    Nice to hear a positive word about an old “rocker”. Gary

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