We Had to Celebrate


The story of the kingdom is found in a raging fiesta for someone who doesn’t deserve one. The father says, “We had to celebrate and be glad, because this brother of yours was dead and is alive again” (Luke 15:32, niv). The theology of grace is in the party…

One of the reasons I write is the release  it provides from burdens that sometimes weigh me down.
The inability to be good enough, the struggles with emotions that flare up in the wrong way, at the wrong time.
Trying to understand the finality of death and my own mortality.
It’s not hard to accept I’ve been forgiven, but a party, for me, not so much.
But sometimes God speaks to me through my writing.
This morning was one of those times.

Although I am familiar with the concept of mercy and grace the definitions are game changers.
In the story of the prodigal we see both at work in an amazing way.
When the prodigal decides to return home he must have thought mercy would allow him to do so.
In the prodigal’s mind maybe that was the best he could hope for.
But grace was an unexpected reaction on the part of the father.
Grace  that decrees “we are going to throw a raging fiesta for my son who does not deserve one”.
All of us as His children have to move beyond mercy.
We have received forgiveness already for all our sins, but if we stop there we  only receive part of what the Father who never stopped looking for us to return desires for us.
Mercy says “you are forgiven”.
Grace says “you are forgiven and restored”
You have a place at the table, you are welcome, you are loved.
And the party is just beginning!

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