A Little More Time


I wanted to share some thoughts about life with you my friends.

This past Saturday Gregg Allman passed away at age 69. Born and raised in the south as I was and a lifelong lover of music both playing and listening, Gregg and the Allman Brothers were a big influence in my life and my music.

All of you have lived long enough to see things change, for some of you the days of your youth are a memory now and all the events that encompassed them. For all of us as we grow older we become even more aware of not only our mortality, but also that those days although alive in our memory are gone.


When the people you love, look up to, admire, die it puts a huge period on that reality. Over the past few days I have read a lot of tributes to Gregg, most dealing with his past life, what he accomplished, how he will be remembered. Those close to Him spoke of his last days, that he was at peace with the reality of dying. Maybe this is because after finally achieving sobriety several years back, he also had a spiritual awakening. He talked a little of it in his book, and it was clear it was not a fleeting encounter, but something he embraced and took seriously.

The thing no one has talked about is the reality of his situation in his final days. He was old and ill and preparing for what would become of his legacy after he was gone. 

But I would guess (even though there is no way to know for sure ) that he would have given all he ever had or had become for a few more days.

A little more time to do the things he always meant to do but never got around to.

A little more time to say the things he never got to say.

A little more time to spend with those he loved.

A little more time to enjoy the God he came to know later in life.

I wrote this to say now is the time to take advantage of the days you have. Take ahold of your life, your family, your God with all you have. Don’t put it off, don’t wait. Nothing will ever be more important than that. My heart is heavy but I am thankful to God for the days He has given me. I want to make the most of it while I can.


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