What Carries Your Hope?


We’ve all been hardwired for hope…

Hope always has three elements.

1. Accessment-Someone or something could be better, that someone or something is broken.
2. Object- The thing you bank your hope on. You ask the object of your hope to fix what is broken or desired.
3. Expectation- What you ask the object of your hope to give you, what you hope the object of your hope will deliver.

There are really only two places to look for hope in life. That  provides basic meaning and purpose, motivation to continue, a sense of well-being.
You can search horizontally in the situations, experiences, physical possessions, locations, and relationships of everyday life. There are two problems with looking horizontally.
First of all all these things suffer from some degree of brokenness. They are part of the problem, and because they are, they are unable to deliver what you are seeking. Second they were never meant to be the source of your hope, but to be fingers that point you to where hope can be found.
Paul says it all in Romans 5:5 when he tells us that hope in God will never be put to shame.
It will never embarrass us by failing to deliver.
In those words Paul tells us where hope can be found.
It is only found vertically.
Only when God is your hope is your hope sure and secure.
Only God is able to give you the life your heart seeks.
Only God is able to give your soul the rest it needs.
Only God can deliver the internal peace that is the hunger of every human being.
It’s only when Grace has hooked you to Him that you are connected to what life is really all about.
In Pauls brief words he confronts us with this thought-out your hope disappoints you, it’s because it’s the wrong hope.
Today what carries your hope?
From New Morning Mercies

By Paul David Tripp

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