Little gods and frenemies


For many of us it is not the big god’s of money,  power and sex that is our undoing.
Our average lives provide only a glimpse, a taste of those things.
It’s the little gods that destroy us.
The god of envy
The god of control
The god of desire
The god of self
The little gods that reign in our little kingdoms.
We give our time our energy and attention to these little gods, convincing ourselves that if we do it will somehow provide access to all the things the big gods provide that will solve all our problems.
So we fight and quarrel, and envy and control, to try to obtain these things, we kill with our words, our actions, our deeds, to take what another has, always wanting what we do not have. And whatever we may obtain, it is never enough…
Larry Crabb said this
“The act of putting ourselves at the center of the universe is unqualified sin, in factthe very definition of sin”
Because we and our little gods take the place where God belongs.
And when this happens we choose the wrong friends.


James the brother of Jesus said this
“Anyone who chooses to become a friend of the world (where those gods reside) becomes an enemy of God”
Our god’s and our friendship with the world will always leave us empty in the end.
It will always demand more than we can pay.
But He gives us grace.
Grace to forgive our worship of self and other gods.
Grace to make us more than our small kingdom can provide.
Grace to lead us into His kingdom.

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