Two Lives-Two Choices


If you want to walk my path…..

Jesus said if you want to walk my path (follow me) here are things you must do.
Pick up your cross and follow Me.
Don’t try to avoid the danger and risk this will bring
Let go of your life….
This is not easy stuff. And the main difficulty is centered around my life, and who is in control of it. But to live life on our terms is to seek our glory.

Jesus came to rescue us from the bondage of glory and our addiction to the shadow glories of the created world.*
A much better offer considering you can gain everything this world has to offer and still lose your life.
JESUS came to reveal to us the glory of the One who is at the center of all glory,
power, wisdom, faithfulness, love, grace to teach us how to really live.
The life Jesus said could be “more and better than you could imagine”
How do we do this?
We run to the power of transformation through the Holy Spirit,
We run to wisdom
We run to His faithfulness
We run to His love
We run for deliverance
We run to His grace
And we never stop running until Jesus has taken us home to a place where there is no need to run anymore.

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