Rushing Wind



Wind is often used to describe  a physical manifestation of God’s power in Scripture.

One well known example of this is found in Acts 2.
And suddenly there came from heaven a sound like a mighty rushing wind, and it filled the entire house where they were sitting. – Acts 2:2
Luke places emphasis on the fact that this event occurs  without warning, setting the stage for what will happen next.

Imagine yourself in this room.
Jesus has died, reappeared and now ascended into heaven, emotions  are high, sadness, fear and anxiety.
And there is a very real possibility that the ones who came for Him, are on their way for you.
And then it happens.
A violent, rushing wind, not gradually building to full strength, but immediately strong and powerful, followed by fire that separates and rests on each one in the room.

“All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them” Acts 2:4

In an instant the prophecy of John the Baptist  (Matthew 3:11) and the promise Jesus spoke before His departure (Acts 1:8) come to pass.
But the theological debates that have gone on endlessly sometimes overlook the most important thing that happened that day.
Peter preaching a sermon drawing on the authority of the Old Testament  prophet Joel, says;
“This not what you think, we are not drunk, this is what was spoken by the prophet Joel:
“In the last days I will pour out my Spirit on all people”
He concludes his message with a unequivocal statement.
“For the promise of the Spirit is for you, for your children, for all people—even those considered outsiders and outcasts—the Lord our God invites everyone to come to Him.” – Acts 2:39
The promise of the Holy Spirit living in and changing us, is for all who will come after.
The wind that came suddenly that day is still blowing today.
In exactly the way Peter prophesied it would over 2000 years ago.
” Hear what God says!
Your children will boldly speak the word of the Lord. Young warriors will see visions”.
Increasing numbers of young people all over the world are experiencing the rushing wind of the Holy Spirit.
It is fanning into flame a thirst and hunger for truth and substance that gimmicks and trendiness and religion have failed to satisfy.
It is fulfilling prophecy that young warriors will see visions and boldly speak into a world filled with darkness.
Young warriors preparing to embark on journeys into places of darkness to share the Good News knowing they likely will not return.

Young warriors  like my  seventeen-year-old with a passionate sense of justice, compassion and a love for God that will not allow them to  settle for religion in place of relationship.

Young warriors  like her friend who is  spending part of her summer ministering and caring for children with disabilities.

Young warriors in their youth group traveling to Atlanta to serve and minister to disadvantaged children.

Young warriors in our inner city battlegrounds taking the love of God to those who desperately need it.

In January of 2017 over 50,000 18-25 year olds from 90 countries and all 50 state  assembled at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta to worship, and to be challenged to go and spread the good news.
And that is only part of the story.

I see the promise Peter spoke of coming alive in and through these young people, who I believe will influence the generations to come and by doing so become world changers.
Today or tonight when you pray, pray for these young warriors that nothing will deter them from the mission they are on. That our church leaders and pastors will support and encourage them.
There are specific things you can pray for for our churches, youth ministers and pastors who have the platform to lead and influence.
Don’t water it down- the truth of Scripture cannot be minimized.
Don’t put on a show- This generation is looking for real and will not tolerate phoniness.
Don’t be afraid to let the Holy Spirit move- programs and initiatives are great but when they leave no room for the Spirit of God to move they are powerless to effect real and lasting change.
Invite questions, offer answers
Enpower them to lead. If you are older do not feel you have nothing to offer. You may be passing up an opportunity to be Barnabas to a young Mark.

The wind is blowing can you feel it…….

Keith Green-Rushing Wind


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