Red Light Dad-Green Light Dad


Let your requests be made known to God….

I had the opportunity and privilege to hear Pastor Mark Driscoll speak this morning.
Pastor Mark has remained one of my favorite Bible teachers over the years. His understanding of the Bible, challenging no nonsense approach has many times convicted and encouraged me.
I make it a practice  whenever I go to hear the Word of God, to go with the expectation that God will speak to me through the message.
This morning He did not disappoint, as Pastor Mark spoke on Overcoming Anxiety.
There is not enough space to cover his entire message. But I would like to share Pastor Marks thoughts on two types of dads. The red light dad and the green light dad.
The red light dad whose answer to almost any question or request is no.
The green light dad who delights in saying yes.
If we believe that we are children of God as the Bible describes which dad is He to you?
The God whose answer is always no?
The God whose answer is yes?
Are you one of His obedient children sincerely following Him trying to do the right thing, and although not perfect, your heart is after Him?
You ask God “where do you want me to go what do you want me to do, what do you want for me?”
And no answer comes.
And over time you begin to question,
“God did you even hear me,
God are you really there?”
And the enemy begins to whisper,
“He doesn’t care, if you were really His child He would answer…”
If that is you this might change your way of thinking, it might change your life.
Maybe what God the Father is waiting for is for you to tell him what you want.
Maybe you see him as a red light God whose answer is always no.
Maybe you don’t understand that as long as what you are asking for does not harm you, dishonor Him, or lead you into sin He is a green light God. Who delights in giving to His kids.
In fact in Philippians 4 God invites us to let our requests be made known to Him.

As a father and a grandfather I am not looking for reasons to say no to my kids.
I want to say yes as long it is as something that will not harm them that is not sin that will not lead them down the wrong path.
Dad can we go to lunch? Yes.
Papa can we go get ice cream? Yes
Dad if I work this summer and save my money will you help me buy my own car? Yes.
Papa will you play baseball or superheroes with me? Yes.
Dad is it okay if I look at this college it’s a long way from home but it looks like a good one. Yes
Dad I think this guy is the one. Can I have your blessing?
Maybe (this is one of the harder ones lol).
Not all things are this simple. Some answers require prayer and wisdom. But you get the picture it’s not about saying no all the time.
And it’s not about always saying no for God who is our dad either.
Maybe whatever it is you’re anxious or worried about God is just waiting for you to tell him what you want in that situation.
Maybe in that decision you’re uncertain about God is waiting for you to tell Him what you would like.
At the end of it all it’s not as much about yes or no as it is about relationship and when we talk to God our Father that begins to happen.
Thank you Dad for speaking to me this morning through Pastor Mark.

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