Causality’s of War pt. II



We’re not waging war against flesh and blood. Ephesians 6

My original post has generated some conversation. The following reply was in response to someone who stated even they should not be, they are sometimes taken by surprise by the enemy.

In regard to your comment sometimes I am surprised as well. The enemy is very effective when it comes to diversion and concealing his work.

I have studied the subject of spiritual warfare extensively in Scripture and through those who have written about it over the years. It does not dominate my time or study but from time to time I feel the need to write about it. I  received two disagreeable comments that suggested a Biblical view of this warfare, is inaccurate, and to believe what it suggests is a dark ages mentality founded in superstitions and the occult. Further it prevents people like me from embracing true wisdom (See Genesis 3 for the origin of this suggestion). This mindset is not new or original. The big lie and it’s variations have been around since the beginning.

I believe there are two errors we can make in discerning the work of the enemy. One is a tendency to blame every misfortune on the enemy, or as one put it seeing a “demon behind every bush.”

Two is to deny that the enemy plays any role in the affairs of this world, a world that Jesus clearly said was under the influence of the evil one.

Part of our struggle is the world, and the people who dwell on it, still suffer from the effects of the fall in Genesis 3.  If we have embraced the Good News of the gospel we are forgiven, redeemed, and not under the curse. But all things have not yet been made right. So it would not be difficult to surmise that much of the evil in our world is due to our fallen nature and needs little encouragement from our enemy . (See Ephesians 2)

But it is clear in Ephesians 6, the writings of the apostles and Jesus himself there exists a hierarchy of evil in our world that seeks to undermine the work of Christ, ( see the book of Jude) through false teachers, false doctrine, and seeks to  influence the affairs of this world.

The good news is Jesus declared the “gates of hell would not prevail against His church. C.S. Lewis summed it up nicely when he wrote “it is not a war pitting equal powers against one another, but a rebellion against the Conqueror who has already won.”

We as followers of Christ must  be aware  (not afraid) of this presence and then as Paul instructed put on our armor (Ephesians 6:10-14) daily as we go out into the world.

Thank you for your encouragement and kind words.



10 thoughts on “Causality’s of War pt. II

    1. Wally,
      The main focus of the first post wasn’t intended to be spiritual warfare, I think the Lord had other plans.
      I felt in order for it not to be taken out of context (as one commenter did) that further clarification was needed. Thank you so much for your support in posting both parts and your encouragment.

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      1. Yes.
        The really cool thing about this whole conversation is those who read the post and it changed the way they viewed the wounded..that is what it’s all about.
        The truth is that post came from the Lord convicting me about my attitude towards a brother in our mens group that has struggled a lot with the same situation.
        Good to know you are out there fighting the good fight with me and others..

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