I lived a good part of my adult life in the south.

As a child I remember segregation  although I did not know that’s what it was called.
At that young age I did not understand why some people could use a certain bathroom, sit in a particular spot on the bus, eat at certain places but others could not…..
I still do not understand hatred based on the color of the skin, religious affiliation, or ethnic identity.

What I do understand is any hatred towards a person for the things listed above,
God is not in it.
The Bible tells us there are things God hates but people are not among them. With one exception.*

The Lord tests the righteous, but His soul hates the wicked and the one who loves violence Psalm 11:5

The ills of our world are not limited to any one race, religion, or people group. Evil and hatred are equal opportunity employers.
God hates evil. Evil encourages people to hate and diminish the worth of another. He hates those who choose to align themselves with evil.
Evil like we saw this weekend.
I do not believe God sees this as a racial, ethnic, or ideological issue. I believe God views hatred and evil as a heart problem, brought on by sin that afflicts all mankind.
With that in mind I would like to present two thoughts on this issue.

One: For those whose vision for America includes hatred, racism, and prejudice, oppression and tyranny on any leve  this is not your country.
My dad who served and fought in WW II like many others and would be horrified to see the symbol of evil that many gave their lives to defeat, displayed along with the American flag.
People who commit acts of hatred like we saw in Charlottesville are not part of the America my dad grew up in and fought for, or the America many have given their lives for.
If you preach a gospel that justifies hate, classifies one race or ethinic group as inferior to another, you are not followers of Christ.
This would include groups who identify with Christianity and use Scripture to justify their hatred.
Using the name of Christ, claiming to be a follower of Christ while promoting racism and hatred is evil and contradictory, anti-christ.
By definition a Christian is a Christ follower and nowhere in Scripture can justification for these views be found.

The mission of a Christian a follower of Christ is to love the world as He did. To reach out to those around us. Whoever or whatever they might be, inviting them in not shutting them out. We do not have the right to declare any person unworthy of the love of Jesus Christ. Or less valuable.

Our job is to love even those who hate. That somehow they might find the truth that will set them free.
And God will take care of the rest.
Because even though He hates evil and those who participate in it, His love still offers forgiveness and redemption to all.

This link will take you to a really good post on what God hates and why, by my friend Tim Challies.


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