Kingdoms in Conflict


They cannot live in peace with one another.
There will never be a truce.
Each kingdom demands your loyalty and your worship.
The battle rages on the battlefield of your heart.
It rages for control of your soul.

Jesus came to earth to establish His kingdom. He died that His kingdom would last eternally.
It was not a physical, political kingdom. He came to set up a much better, much greater, much more expansive kingdom than one that locates itself in a certain places or time.
He came to  dethrone all other rule and to set up His grace-infused life giving reign in your heart.
He came to free you and me from our bondage to our own self-serving kingdom purposes.
He came to help us understand that His grace is not given to make our little kingdom purposes work, but to invite us to a much, much better, Kingdom.
So tell yourself again today that there is a king but he is not you
Tell yourself again today that there’s a kingdom that will protect and satisfy your heart but it is not yours.
Jesus said there is a kingdom that you should seek, but you will never, ever be its king
Apart from anything you could have done, achieved, earned, or deserved, you have been given a kingdom.
The price of that gift was the suffering and death of the King.
But He conquered death so that by grace He could establish  His role in your heart.
Right now He reigns on your behalf and will continue to do so until the last enemy of your soul and of his kingdom has been
Then He will invite you into the final Kingdom where  righteousness and peace will reign forever and ever.
This is the story of your faith.
The story of this Savior King is now your biography.
Somehow, someway, your little kingdom will look very attractive to you sometime today but it is the very kingdom from which grace works unrelentingly to rescue you.
His kingdom come, His will be done forever.
Paul David Tripp-Daily Devotional: “New Morning Mercies”


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