Hurricane Irma


Catastrophic damage reported….

Please pray those who have been affected by and are in the path of Hurricane Irma. Also continued prayer for recovery efforts that are ongoing in Texas.

Pray for the safety of those assisting, police, fire, emergency and medical personnel. Pray for resources. Shelter, food, clean water, medical treatment, temporary housing, (tents etc;), clothing, bedding, basic needs. Pray for calm and peace in the midst of this the chaos and destruction. Some of the islands have suffered almost 100% destruction of buildings and structures. Many in Puerto Rico are without power and water. Pray for order and for those enforcing the rule of law. Even in times like this there are those who seek to take advantage by looting, theft, taking advantage of the weak.

Pray like you would pray for yourself, your family, your neighbors.


Hurricane Irma: massive damage across Caribbean as death toll rises to 10 – live

LIVE Updated
A storm-battered house in the neighborhood of Aviation in Cap-Haitien, Haiti.

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