He will bring justice to the nation’s

Look here, let Me present My servant; I have taken hold of him. He is My chosen, and I delight in him. I have put My Spirit on him; by this he will bring justice to the nations. – Isaiah 42:1

They came to him (John) and confessed that they were deeply flawed and needed help, so he cleansed them with the waters of the Jordan. – Mark 1:5

The demand for justice is loud and persistent in our world.
From the streets of cities, to those in the midst of terrible persecution, wherever people are not free to pursue life, liberty and happiness, the cry for justice continues.

We convene councils, conferences, pass laws, enact policies, elect officials and demand equality and still injustice continues to thrive.
But it was never completely up to us to deliver justice.
Even a government that advanced the idea of “liberty and justice for all” and designed a constitution to guarantee it, falls short of the reality of justice for all.
Dependent on flawed and imperfect human beings we are incapable of delivering what was promised.
But there is good news.
All that drives the injustices of our world and the power behind it has been defeated.
First in a desert, and finally on a cross.
All that is left is for us, is to realize we are “deeply flawed and in need of help” and bow at the feet of the One who can fulfill the promise of justice and truly make us free..


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