The Cross Was Enough

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Take a breath smile and say right here right now I’m ok, because the cross was enough.

The main things are the plain things.
I’ve heard my pastor say this many times.
In the age of information where we have so much at our fingertips, I think sometimes we lose sight of a simple but powerful truth. A plain thing that is the main thing
The cross was enough.
If you like me engage in a daily battle against, right from wrong, both big and small, it can be difficult to keep the right perspective. But we must remember our salvation did not begin with us, and it will not end with us.

Our responsibility to hold fast to that which is good is not the basis of our salvation. The foundation of our salvation is to believe and receive. And as we hold fast to these truths that “God so loved us”, that He gave his Son for us He will change us in ways we never could.
In the end it is about who we belong to not who we work for.
The cross was enough.


* Mercy Me-Flawless


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