Prayer for Sutherland Springs


In the deadliest church shooting in modern U.S. history, and the deadliest in Texas history, 27 people ranging in age from five to seventy two were murdered in a small Baptist church in Sutherland Springs. Twenty others with injuries ranging from mild to severe were transported to hospitals.

This photo taken outside the church in Sutherland Springs shortly after the attack, brings into focus what is needed most in times like this.

Lord we pray for all who are affected by this horrible act.
Small children, the elderly, a 14 year old girl and many others, twenty seven it is believed, shot and killed. Many others were wounded.
Their only offence? Attending church on a Sunday morning.
We cannot pretend to understand what their suffering at this moment is like.
But You do.
It has been said that everyone had some type of close relationship to those either killed or injured at the First Baptist church. A friend, a relative, a family member. All known by You.
We pray you would give comfort when it would seem there is no comfort to be found.
We pray You the Prince of Peace would bring peace in the midst of this storm to them.
As we mourn with those we will never meet we are reminded of the power of prayer. Lord you are able to do all things and even in this You are present and able to give each one what is needed.
Even in the presence of death You are Lord…
We ask that You would be near to all,  bring comfort and peace in this time of grief, in Jesus name.


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