Happy Thanksgiving


When we think about Thanksgiving…

We see the picture advertised on TV or if you’re old enough to remember the Norman Rockwell paintings. Home and family come to mind.
The snapshot where family and friends gather around the table carve the turkey and enjoy food fellowship and fun.
But this post is written for all of us who spend Thanksgiving serving others instead of being at home with family and friends.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Someone has to do it and I have met many kind people over the years who sincerely regret the fact that I had to spend my day serving them.
Many families do not gather around the table at home but instead they enjoy their holiday meal in restaurants like the one I’ve worked for for almost 20 years.
Some do not gather at all.
The Thanksgiving meal us one indicator of how our society has changed.
And I believe we are worse off for it
The family has taken quite a hit over the last 50 years. I believe many of the problems and our nation our society or culture are a result of the dynamic of the changing family unit.
As the family has disintegrated into divorce and chaos and confusion over how family and marriage is defined, we as a nation we have suffered in many ways.
Traditional family gatherings like Thanksgiving is one those ways.

I sometimes wonder if we took a day off maybe Thanksgiving Day and decided this year we’re going to stay home.
We’re going to invite our friends and family and maybe even people who have no friends and family if that would change things
Maybe not but it would be a beginning…..

So this Thanksgiving if you are like me, one of those who rise early and get home late take a minute during your busy day to thank God for your family even if you cannot be with them.
Take a minute to pray for other families that are separated for various reasons.
Take a minute to pray for the families that you will encounter during your work day, and for those you may not see because they’re alone and going out to eat in that atmosphere is just too much.
Take a minute to pray for law enforcement and firefighters and EMTs who will be serving and protecting you.
And take a minute to pray for our nation. Our nation that despite the many things that are wrong is still the greatest place on earth to live.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

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