A Season of Hope: One Life

How important is one life?

A little over a year ago I lost a good friend in a tragic car accident.
Life continued on, the world kept on turning, but for me and for those who loved him, and knew him, life was a little less bright, the world a little smaller.
As I thought about my friend this morning I was reminded of how much one life can make an impact on our lives.
All of us have memories of those who have impacted our lives through good times and bad.
But One life impacted the world in a way no one else ever has. In fact the world was never the same after He came.
And as we go through life those we love our family our friends will pass on as we eventually will. But He promised He would never leave us.
In fact we are assured that neither death nor life, angels or demons, the present, the future, or any powers, or anything else in creation will ever separate us from His love.
One Life changed it all for me and it can for you.
This Christmas season if you do not know him there is a standing invitation to do so.
He is more than the reason for the season He is the Hope for all time.

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