Season of Hope: In Those Days


In those days Mary arose and went with haste into the hill country….
Mary was in a hurry.
Scripture does not tell us why, but lets us in on two important details.
When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting her baby who would be John leaped in her womb.
And Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit.
The baby in Elizabeth’s womb, and the One in Mary’s womb, who would partner in the event that would change the world met for the first time.
I believe another important event occured.
Mary and Elizabeth looked beyond the physical world and understood the true meaning of one child conceived in a woman long past the age of childbearing, one child conceived in an unwed mother.
God was preparing the birth of one to prepare the way for the One that would change the world.
In those days as it is now, the meaning and purpose is not always clear when God is working in our lives.
And sometimes it brings great hardship and suffering.
Maybe that’s where you are right now.
But there is peace that comes even when we do not understand, that God is at work.
And maybe our question should not be why but what.
What is God preparing to birth in me in the coming year.

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