My prayer for 2018

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The end of a extremely tumultuous year is near.

In my 64 years I have witnessed protests and violence, unity and peace. The dawn and the end of a dream, Woodstock and Altamont, hope and despair.
But these times in my mind does not compare to the division and polarization that presently grips our nation, and our world.
There are many factors that contribute, not the least of which is social media.
Meme’s, posts and tweets are poor substitute for honest conversation about the problems, in its many manifestations we face in our time.
But our inability to communicate in a civil way only points to a deeper problem.
A problem that is not fixable by man’s efforts alone.
I am convinced there is only one solution. Only one that cuts across gender, race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, or any other group or culture we claim as our own.
And that one thing is my prayer for 2018.
That everyone of of every tribe, nation or tongue would find peace with God.
The offer the angels brought in that field to shepherds so long ago.
The offer of Peace With God, and the goodwill that brings towards men.
When we find peace with God, we will find peace with one another.
Amen, so be it…..

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