The Old is Gone the New Has Come


Happy New Year

A blank canvas, lays before us. And God willing an opportunity over the next 365 days, to live in a way that brings honor to Him, to do something meaningful, to impact our world.

Every year on January 1st I pray and ask what He would have me focus on in the coming year. This year it was very clear to me that the mission, the focus is to be peace. Peace With God. Honoring the truce, the ceasefire that He initiated on the cross. My part in this agreement is to follow Him closely, shutting out and dealing with the sin I so easily uembrace. Sin that seeks to interrupt the peace He has graciously offered me.

And peace with others. It is so easy to allow the peace in my home, my work, my friendships, my interacting with those I come in contact with to be stolen. So my prayer for me and for you is that in the coming year we would experience peace with God and the peace of God in all we do.


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