When I get where I’m going…

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It’s easy to forget what’s important

To become focused on the urgent-I need to reorient my compass often as I travel through this life.
And remember that no matter how large or small my contributions may be I am part of a much larger purpose.
That’s where I am as I write this morning. Feeling the need to reset my compass to remember where I’m going, to remember the bigger purpose of my life

The song that inspired my post this morning speaks about this.
“So much pain and so much darkness
In this world we stumble through
All these questions I can’t answer
So much work to do.”*
But what awaits us is of far more worth than the suffering and hardship and the things that create the busyness that we face down here.
Paul writes it’s not even worthy to be compared.
But yet as I live my life day to day, heaven and all it promises can seem far away.

We don’t have a lot of information about what it will be like in that land beyond the sky.
Personally I am skeptical of the accounts that have been written about it, in part because I think to try to explain it in human terms falls far short of its glory.  And also because as my family would tell you I love surprises
Even John writing from the Isle of Patmos of his vision (the most detailed account we have) explains what He sees with images that are far above human understanding.
And when he encounters the One who is the First and the Last, the Living One, he can only fall at His feet and in John’s own words “feel as if I were dead”.
Some things were not meant to be understood until we get there.
So today at the beginning of a brand new year I want to take a moment to encourage you to do what I have done this morning.
Take a moment to think about what it might be like when you get where you’re going.
Take a moment to think about all those you want to see when you get there.
Take a moment to focus not on the urgent but the important.
A word of encouragement to a fellow traveler.
A word or act of kindness to someone who may not have started their journey yet.
And most of all a word of thanks and praise to the One who will be waiting at the end of our journey.
When we all get to heaven what a day of rejoicing that will be. Indeed!

But when I get where I’m going
And I see my maker’s face
I’ll stand forever in the light
Of his amazing grace
Yeah when I get where I’m going
There’ll be only happy tears
I will love and have no fear
When I get where I’m going
Yeah when I get where I’m going

When I Get Where I’m Going
Brad Paisley
Written by:
George Teren/Rivers Rutherford

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