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Think about the last time you were offended.

Think about the emotions you felt. Anger, resentment, displeasure, hurt..
At times it seems the whole world is offended by something or someone. It is increasingly difficult to have an open, honest conversation without someone being offended. We invite the whole world into our conversations through social media, and we’re offended when someone disagrees with our point of view.
Allow me to share a few points that offend me and mostly likely will offend someone else in the process.
I am offended by those who demand tolerance through intolerance.
I am offended by those who demand justice through injustice. (See doing the right thing the wrong way, right cause, wrong response)
I am offended by those who demand racial equality and promote racial shaming.
I am offended by those who demand separation of religion and state, but are more than willing to unleash the state to prohibit the free exercise and expression of religion.
I am offended by those who demand freedom of speech unless it disagrees with their freedom of speech.
I am offended by those who justify the murder of a defenseless baby as a person’s right. I am offended that the baby has no rights.
No matter which side you take in all of these issues, someone is sure to be offended .Most points of offense however are based on preference, how we want it to be, not always how it should be.
But who is right, who is wrong and how do we determine the difference? In the dictionary one definition of offense is identified as a sin, a crime.
Sin always involves people, crime always involves people. Whether it is breaking the law that challenges and rebels against authority, or the impact of our sinful nature that causes us to harm others.
God is offended by sin.
Offended by sin that kills, steals, and destroys that lead to actions that are morally and legally crimes. Sin that affects our world and harms us in ways that were never meant to be.
Biblical principles direct us away from the affliction of self, offence, and point us to “others” and their welfare “love your neighbor like you love yourself”. And at the end of it all the only true offense worth considering are those things that offend God.

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