It is Finished

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We must remind ourselves that the cross has already determined the fate of these forces of evil.

We may not see it immediately, but ultimately good will triumph. Piece by piece, in myriad individual struggles against difficult circumstances, the right side wins. The final triumph may arrive on the back of the countless small battles fought day-to-day by those who trust in the blood of Jesus Christ, as they work to see Christ’s kingdom come in their own lives and in the lives of people they meet. *

It has never been about the short race but instead about the long run. Its about the countless day to day small battles that come always at the wrong time. It’s about the countless tragedies that assault our emotions and our senses and make us want to scream

” God where are you?”

But if we take time to remember the victories we have witnessed in those countless small battles, sometimes just the victory that comes from making it through, our hope and faith intact, ready to fight another day…. If we take the time to count the blessings big and small, another sunrise, the embrace, the smile, the kindness of a friend or loved one…. If we take the time to be thankful that in the midst of suffering, loss and pain, we, you and I have been planted in a time such as this, to make a difference, we can honestly believe good will ultimately triumph. And we get to be a part and witness His kingdom come in our lives and of others.


*From “Strange Kingdoms-Meditations on the Cross

By Ken Costa

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