What About the Change?

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If anyone is in Christ he/she are a new creation the old is gone, the new has come….

This is a community empowered like no other then or since to change the world in which we live by being changed ourselves. Ken Costa

One of my favorite songs of all time is Steven Curtis Chapman’s “The Change.”
In the song Steven lists all of the things that every “good Christian needs”. He talks about how we naturally think the world revolves around us and then makes this statement
“cause if God’s spirit lives inside of me yeah
I’m gonna live life differently”.
What about the change?

The cross was a pivotal moment in history.
But it was more than a historic event that we celebrate on Easter Sunday.
The cross was the beginning of the change for all mankind-the greatest reversal ever known: the place where sin, death, and the powers of this world were defeated, once and for all.
We can choose as many do to reject the cross as wishful thinking, or even a lie. And live a life diminished by sin, ultimately standing before God with no excuse.
We can choose to accept it and the cross becomes the pivotal moment that begins the change in our lives.
The cross that provides redemption for our sins, the resurrection that brings abundant life now, eternal life in the world to come, and the promise of the Holy Spirit that makes 2nd Cor. 5:17, a reality.
“If anyone be in Christ” the old is gone the new has come. This brings about the change we all desperately need.
We are called to impact the world, to be in it not of it. Helping those we can reach to conform to the message of the Good News.
But in order to do so the change must first take hold in our lives. For the cross to be a victory, its power must give us the strength to face the demands and pressures of life’s battles and to understand at a deeper level the nature of those battles. We need to be released into fulfilled lives of sacrifice, service, love, and purpose—to be agents of change in the world.
Ken Costa in his devotional
“Strange Kingdom-Mediatations on the Cross” suggests that it first begins with us. And perhaps this is the moment we, you and I need to ask God to come and bring about the change in us that will enable us to be the change we pray for.

The cross stands above it all. Lord, today, I want to be reoriented. I stand, with all who follow you, at the foot of the towering cross, and I allow its power to reach wide and deep into every corner of my life that I might be oriented away from the self and reach out with power, purpose, love, and grace wherever you may call me,

Lyrics from The Change
Steven Curtis Chapman

Songwriters: Al Arnado / Sean Chapman / Moises Juarez / John David Mcewan / Matthew Ryan Mcewan

The Change lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, BMG Rights Management US, LLC

Excerpts from: Strange Kingdom- Meditations on the Cross
Ken Costa

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