A Relentless Crisis

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I have hope for men…

I hope to one day see the hearts of men so foundationally settled, so well-trained, so well-equipped, and so well-engaged that when evil dares raise its head, Beloved Sons/Warrior men will know what to do, and will do it well.

In 2010 God placed a burden on my heart for men’s ministry.
Not only because I recognized the need for it in other mens lives but because I saw the need in mine.
From then unto now I have watched God move in a powerful way in this area of the church body.
But there is much more to be done.
The enemy has advanced a lie in our culture that to be an “acceptable” man you must disavow the very characteristics that God gifted us with, that makes us men.
Strength, conviction, courage, leadership from the male gender is viewed in our culture as overbearing, domineering, and misogynistic.

I would be the first to admit that some men have acted in a way as to deserve this distrust, but it does not define every man.

There are men who have a sincere desire to take their place in society and in their families with strength, courage, conviction, and servant leadership.
But we must be foundationally settled, well-trained, well-equipped, to do battle in a world that is driven to destroy our marriages, our families.
Knowing what to do and doing it well.
We are in a relentless crisis, a warfare designed to make us as men ineffective.
It is not a time to be weak, timid, hesitant, a follower.
We need to be warriors. Following the example set by our Lord, Jesus Christ, the ultimate warrior.

What is a warrior? *
In order to become a warrior, a man needs to recover his true heart—the good heart filled with the life of Christ and stamped with his character that the Father gives his sons at rebirth.
Leading his family by example, love and wisdom.
A man needs to experience that he is indeed the Beloved Son of a good Father. Then, and only then, can that man be shown and trained up into his warrior heart.
A Beloved Son is one who experiences the unconditional love of his Father in a way that deeply impacts him and leaves him with:

Nothing to Hide,

Nothing to Prove,

Nothing to Fear.

A Warrior is a Beloved Son with a settled heart who is then trained and equipped to engage in the life-and-death battles that are continually going on in him and all around him.

In Romans 8 we read ” The creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed.”
Let us stand up as sons of God to the relentless crisis of our culture and allow God to make us into who we were meant to be.

From “The Heart of a Warrior”- A Fourteen Day Journey.
Available on youversion the Bible app

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