Our little dog Cooper passed away yesterday.
He was much more than a dog to us he was part of our family.
I will never forget the day my daughter who was then seven brought him home. She had wanted a dog for a long time and I admit I was not excited about the idea. But from the time he came into our lives until yesterday when he left us he was always a blessing.
He was gentle natured, never aggressive, which for his breed Blue Heeler and Spitz is rare.
He was always ready to play, loved attention and even though he could be rowdy was always so gentle with our little grandson.
He began getting sick about a month ago.
By this past weekend it was obvious it was something serious.
We took him to the vet and it was not good news. She gave us medicine to treat what possibly was an infection but she told us it might be something more serious that was not treatable.
Early this week he was not responding to the medicine and getting worse and it became clear to us what we should do.

It was a very sad and difficult decision for all of us.
We made plans to take him back to the vet on Tuesday to have him euthanized, but when I arrived home Tuesday to take him he was already gone.
I’m glad it turned out that way.
Because God who gave him his first breath also gave him his last one.
It reminded me that he also gives us our first breath and gives us our last one.
And we never know when that day will be.
We were able to enjoy Cooper, God’s creation for over 10 years, and it won’t be the same without him around. And for all the days we spent spend with him, there was a last day.

So today take some time out of life’s busyness to spend a little time with the creature you have been blessed with if you have one that is a part of your life.
Take a few minutes to spend with your wife, your husband, your children, the loved ones that you have around you.
Everyday you have with them is a blessing from God.

6 thoughts on “Cooper

      1. We had a dog years ago, named Scooter. We got him when my daughter was born, and he lived 13 years. for years she would not even talk about him, because they literally grew up together.

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      2. I remember my little dog named Tinker. My best buddy. Its part of life but still sad.
        I love my life and the blessings God gives, but part of me looks forward to the time when there will be more sorrow.

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