A Last Time For Everything


I’ve never liked change and as I grow older I like it even less.
As time goes by I realize the importance of every single moment with family, friends, loved ones. And I am reminded very little stays the same

It’s difficult to live in the moment.
So many things pull at you for your time.
But as my daughter gets ready to end one chapter in her life and begin another I’m reminded of how important those moments were.

I am excited about her future, I know Lord willing there are great things ahead. But there is a last time for everything.
I wish I had been more aware of the last time to
read a book together
tuck you in at night
hold you in my lap while you sleep
sit by your bed and keep the monsters away
take your hand while we cross the road
hear you say your prayers before you sleep
go on a field trip
take a trip just you and I
drop you off at school
get your text “Hey dad I forgot my ____ can you bring it to me?
go on a band trip
hear you play
say love you have a good day at school
And so many more last times…

This Friday I will watch you graduate, and I’m sure all those moments will come flooding back..
But Ecclesiastes says their is a time to weep and a time to mourn, but also a time to laugh and a time to dance.

While I treasure all those last times, I look forward to all the first times that are ahead for you.
I love you Erinn Beth and I am so blessed you are my daughter.

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