Keep On Praying


And He told them a parable to the effect that they ought always to pray and not lose heart…

“Have you been praying for something for a long time that you believe is in God’s will? Keep praying.”

This quote is from Pastor Mark Driscoll. All of us have names, situations on our prayer list that have been there for a long time. Maybe it is a child that has gone on a prodigal journey, a marriage that is in trouble. Perhaps it is a financial situation, a health issue, a loved one who needs to know saving grace. It is easy after time to lose focus, to maybe not pray as often or not at all as time goes on. Pastor Mark provides three reasons to keepĀ  on praying.

First, because you will keep hoping. Fervent, daily, continuous prayer keeps our heart inclined towards God and His promises. It deepens our love for God and 1 Corinthians 13:7 tells us true love always hopes.

Second, continuous prayer will maintain a willingness in you to grow and be changed. If you stop praying you stop caring. But if you continue praying, even when the answer does not come right away your heart will grow more and more tender towards the things of God. Remember God always answers our prayers. Sometimes the answer is not yet.

Third, if you keep praying you keep loving. If you keep praying for people, you will grow in love for people. If you keep praying for God’s help and blessings in your life, you will grow in love for God as He helps you and provides. If you keep praying about the struggles and battles you face, sometimes God will lead you to pray for others who are facing similar circumstances. If you keep praying for the lost, you are praying for what matters most “Your kingdom come, Your will be done”.

Whatever you are praying for if you wait and pray this hopeful, fervent expectancy will conform your heart to the will of God whatever his answer might be to your prayer.

Is there anything that you believe is in God’s will that you have stopped praying about? If so there is no time like today to start praying for that person or situation.



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