The Secret


Jesus is having a conversation with the disciples and asks the question, “who do people say the Son of Man is?” It is curious to me that after Peter gets it right Jesus responds “tell no one who I am.”

Bob Goff makes two very important points concerning “the secret” Jesus tells His disciples to keep concerning who He is.

  1. What we do not what we think reveals Jesus to others. Jesus seems to go against the grain of the evangelistic model many of us have been exposed to, but I don’t think He was trying to keep His identity a secret. Just the opposite. Jesus probably wanted us to show people who He is by what we do, not just tell them what we think. . . .
  2. We want people to follow Jesus not follow us. I don’t think we lead people to Jesus. I think Jesus leads people to Jesus. Sure, we can tell the people we meet about Jesus. I talk about Him all the time because my life is His, but I don’t try to talk people into Him. When I’ve tried and it worked, what I often found is I’d led people to me, not Him.

We hear the phrase “personal relationship with Jesus” often especially during the altar call and in evangelistic outreaches. And at the end of it all it needs to be exactly that a their personal relationship with Jesus. Not mine, not your parents, your spouse, your friends, your pastor. And we need to not get in the way as people figure out what this relationship is with what we think it should be.

We are called to lead people to Jesus by the example of our life lived for Him. If we are faithful to do so in our everyday lives He will do the rest.

And to quote Pastor Bob “If you’re already friends with Jesus, don’t get in everyone else’s way as they figure it out with Him. If you’ve only heard of Him, ask Him who He is. I bet He’ll let you know.”


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