When Good Men Do Nothing



Not to speak is to speak.
Not to act is to act.

We look at the suffering across our planet. The poison, the filth, the weight, the ugliness of it all and sometimes simply turn away. But the problems in our world in all of its different manifestations flourish when good men and in a broader sense good people, men and women alike do nothing.

Especially those of us who call ourselves the body of Christ, the church. We are meant to be His hands and feet and to many times we do little to nothing to address the issues of our times.

We of all people are without excuse. We are in the midst of a pandemic the likes of which we have not seen in our country. Drug addiction and abuse has taken tens of  thousands of lives, destroyed families and left children homeless, orphans.  The burden of caring for these little ones has mainly been left to state and county agencies.

Pornography whose main focus is the exploitation of women and young women is as much an issue inside the church as it is outside the church. The link between pornography, prostitution and human trafficking tied to gangs and organized crime through illegal immigration is undeniable.

Where is the recognition that this is a problem and outreach in the church towards those affected by it? We are quick to point out the sexual sin of others but allow this sexual sin to go unchallenged.

Most Christians agree that separating children when their parents are detained at our country’s border is wrong.  Yet every week thousands of babies are separated from their parents forever. And in a nation where a large majority claim to be “Christian” we continue to elect politicians that refuse to do what needs to be done to correct legalized murder.

And the list goes on. Homelessness, poverty, hunger, discrimination, injustice.  We tweet and post on Facebook and Instagram about these issues and problems on iPhones assembled in China. Where the average person works twelve hour days, sleeps in a factory furnished room with six other people for less than $500 a month.

It requires more than a Tweet, a Facebook post, or outrage on Instagram and Snapchat to change things. It requires us to care, and to do something. If we continue to do nothing but observe evil will continue to flourish and we will be without excuse.


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