Where I Cannot Go


August of this year will mark two milestones.

My daughter will leave for college.
My grandson will begin kindergarten.

It is a time of change.
And in this Autumn of my life I have discovered I do not like change very much at all.

Maybe it is because change, change that affects those I love weakens the illusion I have that I’m in control.
Change moves them further beyond my reach.
Because like most parents and grandparents in these troubled days I worry about what’s ahead for them.
And even though I know God has watched over and kept them known and unknown dangers, I am troubled by the thought that there will come a time when I cannot go where they go.
But even though I sometimes have fear and anxiousness about the future for my children and my grandchildren I have this hope.

God can take care of them even when I cannot.
God can go where I cannot go.
And until that time comes I when I am no longer able to walk beside them…
I have have the opportunity to speak good things into their lives.
To live in a way that will give them courage and hope.
To point them towards the One who will never leave them.
He will be faithful to walk beside them in this life and beyond and will safely guide them home.

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