What Is Your Platform?


We think of those who have a platform as celebrities. Sports stars, actors and actresses, the rich and famous.

Recently I read an article by the late Reggie White written when he was playing for the Philadelphia Eagles.
Reggie would regularly visit Philadelphia’s inner city to talk to kids there.
He writes ” I remind them that I grew up in a neighborhood just like theirs. I know what it’s like to feel frustrated to search for peace and a sense of security. I tell them the most important thing I’ve learned is about God and about His love for me. I tell them I love them with a love of the Lord Jesus Christ who loves them so much He gave his life for them. I tell them that nothing in life satisfies like He does. That they may think power or money or important friends may fill the need they have but long-term it never does.
I read a few verses from the Bible and share the plan of salvation with them.
As their heads are bowed on a dirty old hot playground several of the kids pray to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior. The rest of the crowd is dismissed but not before I remind them I will be back next Friday and that they should tell their friends and bring them back with them.
I take the kids aside that prayed to receive Christ and explain to them what has just happened in their lives. And the next week I talk to them about the problems they have and about what being a Christian is all about.
Why do I take time out of my hectic schedule to be with these kids in North Philadelphia? Because God has given me a platform and if I don’t use it I commit sin and miss an opportunity much greater than anything I will ever accomplish on the football field.”

The truth is we all have a platform. Rich, poor, famous, barely known, God has given us all one. It may not be under the bright lights of an athletic event, on the big screen or in the company of the rich and famous.
And as I look around at how we often use these platforms we are given it is clear to me we miss the main point of what Reggie understood
It’s not about advancing our cause or ourself.
It’s about advancing the cause of Christ. A mission we to carry out no matter what our status may be in life.
We may not have the opportunity to reach the masses but we do have the opportunity to reach people on a personal level.
Maybe to pray with some kids on a hot dusty playground. Or to share with them the greatest gift ever. The gift that transcends gender, race and economic status wherever we may be.
Your platform and mine is set up for us wherever we are. In our neighborhood, in our home, on our job.
It might even be located in a hospital, a prison, a jail or maybe the back streets of the neighborhoods of your city.
The places where most don’t want to go but where the need is the greatest.
Wherever it might be He wants to meet you there.
And just like Reggie give you an opportunity to use your platform for his plan and purpose. What is your platform?

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