Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court and the Herod Syndrome

What is the agenda of pro-choice?

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As we observe the drama surrounding the attempted confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme court I believe in large part the basis for this all out attack has to do not with his qualifications or even what he might or might not have done. I believe it has a lot more to do with the fears of the liberal Democrats who have controlled the Supreme Court for decades.
Fears that a fifth conservative pro-life Justice might lead to changes in abortion on demand which has resulted in an estimated 63,000,000 babies since 1973.

When the Supreme Court ruled in favor of abortion on demand in 1973 they set in motion a path that has been followed by the Democratic party since that time. Allowing them to achieve what they could not through popular vote or through the political system primarily through the Supreme court.
These decisions that affect all Americans are left in the hands of lawyers and judges.
Have you ever wondered why abortion is so important to the pro-choice folks?
Or what is the real agenda of the pro-choice abortion industry?
We are told it is to protect a women’s right to choose. To disagree with this view is seen as disrespect to women in general and women’s rights specifically.
Yet literally tens of thousands of women are exploited by pornography day after day. Where is the #MeToo outrage. Surely the many stories of those who were drugged and sexually violated would merit their attention on the porn industry.
It is estimated 90% of human trafficking victims are female who feed the demand for prostitution, many under the age of 17.
Where are the rallies, outrage, national campaigns protesting violation of not only women’s rights, but human rights?
Where are the lawsuits that eventually arrive before the justices at the Supreme Court to outlaw pornography, to secure our borders?

Sexual abuse, rape, and other forms of sexual assault by those in power in the entertainment industry has existed for years.
Several major Hollywood political donors beneficial to the Democratic party were systematic sexual predators that had been allowed for years to prey on young women and men.
In this culture of abuse that was allowed to flourish almost since the beginning of the silver screen no one spoke up.
It was not until a few brave women did that the truth began to come to light.
The political recipients of cash provided by these sexual predators were silent and continue to be silent even after the events began to come light.
The primary recipient of their money in the last presidential election is married to someone who has been accused over and over and over of sexual abuse and attacks on women.
But the silence in the media concerning these events as opposed to the minute by minute coverage of an event that reportedly happened over thirty years ago with no witnesses, no evidence is deafening
This type of abuse of power is not new.
If we dial back the clock 2000+ years we find another powerful individual known for his brutality and willingness to do whatever was necessary to preserve his power. To destroy the innocent to hold onto power. Herod.
Acting on a perceived threat to his power and kingdom Herod decreed that every baby boy under the age of two would be murdered.
We see that same willingness to destroy whoever or whatever is necessary to preserve power going on today.
What does Herod and the abortion industry have in common other than a willingness to destroy babies?
Make no mistake for both it is and was about preserving a kingdom. A kingdom fueled by money.
Herod like planned parenthood enjoyed the prestige and lifestyle afforded by his connection to the Roman government and the taxes he collected on their behalf.
The abortion industry spearheaded by Planned Parenthood is a lucrative business funded in part by millions of Federal Tax dollars. And enjoy political clout that few groups in Washington D.C. can claim.
Make no mistake this Supreme Court nomination to the pro-choice folks is a direct threat to Roe v. Wade their seat of power.
Like the child-king the astronomers predicted would born in Bethlehem posed a threat Herod’s kingdom, Brett Kavanaugh presents a very real threat to the abortion kingdom.
And to those who support and relish this kingdom that cannot be allowed to happen.
Ronald Reagan said,
“Too often character assassination has replaced debate in principle here in Washington. Destroy someone’s reputation, and you don’t have to talk about what he stands for”.
To answer the question I asked early on, “why is abortion so important, what is the real agenda” requires two different answers.
One, for those involved in The political realm it is power and money. This is part of an overall effort to control the political process and eventually override the constitution.
Two, I believe there also exists a darker motive.
As history winds down we see fewer and fewer people who are willing to stand for what is right and good.
Think for a moment if John F Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Billy Graham, Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, Mother Teresa or any other person that has made a difference for good in our world had been born after 1973?
There are many other names you could add to this list but the world definitely would be a different place had they not been born.
Satan tried to destroy Jesus. I believe he knew the significance of this baby that would be born in a stable.
In our post 1973 world he has found a different method to destroy.
He may not be privy to those who would be world changers but with the death toll at 63,000,000 million and counting who knows how many will never get a chance to make a difference?
The character assassination of Brett Kavanaugh is only a minor part of the big picture. A move, a test case if you will designed to prevent him from being the next Supreme Court Justice. If they succeed it will not stop there. The consequences are far reaching.
The Herod Syndrome is alive and well.

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